One Sweet World

Instead of making a new post every time I find something interesting / noteworthy on the internet or in everyday life, I created this space just for that. We do live in a one sweet world afterall. Keep checking back under the “One Sweet World” tab because this page will always be updating with cool stuff. Submit your pics, links, and anything else to me at and ill be posting them right here.

One Sweet World

– First video for the site.  Experimenting with the camera now.  Check me out here trying how my overnight oats came out for the 1st time.

– Kind of funny.  Only an hour after I posted the Fad diet post, a fan emails me an article, published in the last 24 hrs (3/28) about the pill Alli. Go on and read for yourself right here

-Thanks to my sister Robyn, I just learned all about the acronym “G-bombs.” She was shocked that I wasn’t aware of this.  Have you guys heard of it?  Click here to read about it.

-Very interesting piece about the health benefits of chocolate.  Are chocolate pills on the way? Chocolate Pills 

-Having trouble losing weight yet you feel like you are doing all the right things?  Click Here for some things you can possibly correct

-Been really into researching chia and other types of seeds as of late. Tons of health benefits in as little as 1 teaspoon and can use as breading for chicken, meatballs, throw in salad, etc.  Check out this link for more.

-Went to this place in new city called Veggie Heaven last night. So so good and pretty healthy.

-I enjoyed reading this.  Some great insights and true facts by clicking Here