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How did it all begin? I truly wish I knew what gave me the power to not only say yes but to actually stick with it. I have known for a long time that I needed to lose weight. If it were as simple as “knowing” that, I would have lost weight a long long time ago. I have tried many different diets from Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, my own concoction of things, and more. While some of these may have worked in the immediate short term, none of these provide the proper nutrition for the long haul. Because of this, you find yourself binging and wind up right back where you started.

I firmly believe that Marla Kaufman Past made all the difference in the world. Mixed with her soft and pleasant personality, the knowledge that Marla emanates is truly unbelievable. I can listen to her talk endlessly because what she has to say is so fascinating. I can spend as little as 10 minutes with her and I’ve already learned a boatload of information. It is not only what she says but also how she says it. I know her voice needs to get out there. It is this voice that made working with her so intriguing that I actually looked forward to our sessions. There is no doubt that people will love what she has to say and gravitate to her. The entire time that we worked together we knew that a podcast is perfect for her. So here it is. Marla Past will be joining us as an Executive Editor. We could not be luckier to have her on board. She has so many things to say and we finally have somewhere great to put it. We can’t wait to get this together and start producing some outstanding podcasts for your enjoyment. There will be different topics week by week and we will even take requests. Just a few more things about Marla. She is a licensed medical massage therapist, board certified consulting hypnotist, she is the owner and creator of the Past Chiropractic Health Center as well as the Underground Fitness Scarsdale Weight Management & Fitness for teens. Oh, not to mention, she is a certified personal trainer. Her commercial can be seen here. Check back under the new “Podcast” section for upcoming shows. We will also be accessible on iTunes. We couldn’t be more excited. Here is how to get in touch with Marla Kaufman Past.

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Phone #: (917)-414-2504